Preliminary Web Programme

Environment meets Metabolism

How do environmental factors influence health and disease and how does the microbiome modify phenotypes in metabolic diseases?

Metabolism meets Genetics

We will explore lessons learned from metabolomic profiling in large population studies and how this knowledge can be extrapolated to understand rare metabolic diseases.

Epigenetics meets Genetics

New findings in gene regulation and epigenetic mechanisms with special focus on “diet and disease” will be discussed.

Technology meets Metabolism

Transcriptome sequencing, next-generation newborn screening and computational modelling of inborn errors of metabolism will be explored.

Ethics meets Genetics

The ethical aspects of new technologies with respect to the use of data, data management, genetic results and gene editing will be addressed.

Reality meets Metabolism

In this session, we will open the stage to patients and patient organisations. How can we all work together to promote precision medicine and individualised treatments?